Northwest heat through the years

Northwest Heat is slowly building a long and storied history; here you may peruse past winners and lists of submissions (in alphabetical order by music video artist).

year 1 - 2014

GRAND PRIZE - Carroll - Billionaire, Sean Kusanagi

RUNNER UP - Gallowbird - All The Ghosts, Knapp Bros. Studios

Candysound - Now + Then, Teo Crider & Ryan Ohlemeier

Chrispy - Mary, Revolutionary Productions

Curse Of The Black Tongue - I.S.P., Shing Shing Records

Hillary Susz - Swat Team, Hayley McVay

Jones & Fischer - Barstool Kind Of Night, Faith Vs. Fate Productions

Josh Shade - On/Off, Juliette Machado

Kofi The Motown Mack - Fish Tank, Joseph Greene

Manatee Commune - A Part, Dolly Llama Productions

Matth - Not Today, Roof Game Productions

Medici - Ghostess, Simon Fentress

Pill - Live At The Black Cabin, Phoenix House Productions

Sarah Goodin - Say A Prayer, Make It Rain Media