Northwest heat through the years

Northwest Heat is slowly building a long and storied history; here you may peruse past winners and lists of submissions (in alphabetical order by music video artist).

YEAR 3 - 2016

GRAND PRIZE - William Clark Greene - Ringling Road, Evan Kaufmann

RUNNER UP - Devin Sinha - Shine On Me, Faith Vs. Fate Productions

Andras Ostrom - Massive Sonata, Andras Ostrom

Chris Connelly - Mistreated And Wild, Shayna Connelly

Devin Sinha - Call The Mountains Down, Faith Vs. Fate Productions

Fox - Knives, Chris Sinclair

Michael Forrest - Swimming Into Darkness, Keith Boynton

Paul Freedom - Oh Lord, Eugene Parechyn

RNAtheMessenger - American Dreams, Diego Lozano

Sam Lachow - Absolutely, Basement Salt

Sci-Fi Romance - Goodbye At The End Of The World, Vance Kotrla

Triads - Touched, Kevin Owyang

Vending Machine - Let The Little Things Go, Robert Grant

Yogoman Burning Band - Please Oh Please, Hao Trieu