2016 judging panel

apply to judge for northwest heat!

Northwest Heat 2016 is currently on the lookout for Washington State film & music community pioneers and icons to fill out our panel of judges for the festival this year! We love working with local experts or seasoned veterans to lend as professional a lens to rewarding our submissions to the best of our ability.

festival overview

The Northwest Heat Music Video Festival prides itself on blurring the lines between the film and music communities of Washington state and upholding the values of each. We founded this festival in the hopes of encouraging greater collaboration, respect, and fellowship among anyone pursuing creative endeavors through combining visuals with audibles - and we're looking for people to join our small team to reward those that do so with artistic comprehension, technical skill, and a flair of their own.

job description

Being a judge for Northwest Heat is a simple, fun, and rewarding experience that immerses you in the best of music videos from all around Washington state. We are looking for seasoned veterans of either film or music, preferably also having some knowledge of the Pacific Northwest and what makes the people and geography of the upper-left USA a little better than everyone and everywhere else. This is an all-volunteer job that pays in networking, feelings of philanthropy, and free tickets to a bitchin' show.


  • Score all of Northwest Heat's 2016 submissions
  • Communicate productively with Northwest Heat's Festival Director
  • Return all scorecards in a timely manner

qualifications, SKILLS, & Experience

  • A love for music, film, and the areas in between
  • A penchant for chatting after movies or spilling your guts about a new album
  • Film and/or music industry experience, on any level
  • Film studies experience, on any level
  • A lack of fear of Google spreadsheets
  • An internet connection, for communication and scoring

how to apply

Send resume with contact info, a few sentences about yourself, and why you're interested in judging for Northwest Heat to contact@northwestheatfestival.com and we will be in touch shortly. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you this spring!